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Thursday, Nov 14, 2019 
A Kick Return System
Bernie Anderson, Head Coach
An overview of special teams philosophy, NMU’s kick return system, and off-season drills.
Man-to-Man Teaching Progression
Chadd Braine, Def. Coordinator
An overview of defensive back fundamentals with an emphasis on bump and cushion coverage.
Playing on the Offensive Line
Jeff Duvendeck, Off. Coordinator
Covers the characteristics and fundamentals demanded of NMU offensive lineman.
Coaching Running Backs
Eric Duchaj, RB Coach
An Overview of the basic techniques and drills used to develop running backs.
The NMU Outside Linebacker
Matt Bush, OLB Coach
An overview of outside linebacker play, including how to take on blocks, tackle and rush the passer.
NMU Defensive Line Play: A 5-Point Progression
Ethan Jeros, D Line Coach
Covers the five-point progression designed to stop the run and rush the passer.
The Words of a Champion Part I
Tom Wender, Linebackers Coach
MHSFCA Hall of Fame coach discusses building a successful program and how to change a losing attitude.
The Words of a Champion Part II
Tom Wender, Linebackers Coach
MHSFCA Hall of Fame coach discusses responsibility of the head coach and gives advice to young coaches.
Turning Adversity Into Opportunity
Bernie Anderson, Head Coach
Coach Anderson discusses how to turn adversity into opportunity, and the three questions that are the foundation of the NMU program.
Coaching Quarterbacks
Dan Mettlach, Quarterbacks Coach
An Overview of the basic techniques and drills used to develop quarterbacks.
Linebacker Drops in the Traditional 3-Deep Zone
Chadd Braine, Def. Coordinator
An overview of linebacker play in the 3-deep zone including adjustments to one-back sets and trips.
NMU Football Championship Manual: Part I
NMU Football Staff
Provides guidelines for success on and off the field. Covers Academics, Body Maintenance and Character/Attitude.
NMU Football Championship Manual: Part II
NMU Football Staff
Provides guidelines for success on and off the field. Covers Speed/Strength/Football Skills and Knowledge of the Game.
The Equipment Manager
John Tessaro, Equip. Manager
How the role of the equipment manager has changed, and how it impacts the team.
Coach/Athletic Trainer Relationship
Kris Rowe, ATC
Discusses the dynamics of the coach/athletic trainer relationship.
Kris Rowe, ATC
Discusses the importance of hydration and important strategies regarding proper hydration.
Updated: Feb 20, 2016, 8:56 PM ET

  Out of Bounds:
Coaching and Coaching Psychology

Out of Bounds
features internet resources "outside" of the Coaches Learning Network
that may be helpful and/or insightful for football coaches. Out of Bounds: Coaching
and Coaching Psychology
links include topics on winning coaching behaviors,
leadership, common traits of successful coaches, and football specific technique.

The Official Site of John Wooden, www.CoachWooden.com
This is an interesting website. Highlights include The Pyramid of Success and Favorite Maxims sections. The Pyramid of Success section features a written explanation by Wooden on each block of the pyramid, while the Maxims section features video of Wooden interviews discussing coaching and life. Overall an entertaining and insightful site.

A Leadership Primer, (PPT) General Colin Powell, Chairman (Ret), Joint Chiefs of Staff
This is an outstanding resource on General Powell’s 18 lessons of leadership. He sets the tone right off the bat with his first lesson: Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. While developed as primer for business leaders, coaches will benefit from it as well. For example, under the topic Never neglect details he writes, “Strategy equals execution. All the great ideas and visions in the world are worthless if they can't be implemented rapidly and efficiently.” Anyone who has paced the sidelines on game day can testify to that.

Snap Central (video), Longsnapper.com
This is an outstanding resource for long snapping drills provided by Chicago Bears long snapper Patrick Mannelly. He has provided several drills, a FAQ section, and you can even contact him directly with questions. The tips section is very helpful for troubleshooting snapping problems.

Coaching In The Last Few Minutes: Ten Things To Remember, Sean McCann, Ph.D., USOC Sports Psychologist
An excellent insight into your role as a coach in helping your team win in the final minutes of a competition. Although only five percent of a coach’s time is spent in competition, it is that time frame that most coaches are evaluated.

So You Want To Be A Great “Big-Event Coach" - Three Things That Can Make or Break You, Sean McCann, Ph.D., USOC Sport Psychology Department
Coaches are just like athletes in pressure situations. Dr. McCann has identified three key behaviors that coaches who perform well in the clutch share.

Examining Strategies Outstanding High School Football Coaches Use to Develop Life Skills and Character in Their Players (PDF), NFL Charities Grant Project
This is an insightful and interesting study of 10 coaches who used football to develop young people beyond the playing field. I particularly enjoyed the 19 key lessons and guiding principles.

Seventeen Reasons Why Football Is Better Than High School, Herb Childress
A classic that many coaches may have already read, but still a fascinating view on why extra-curricular activities are more important than ever before. Written by a self-proclaimed hater of football, the author states: “We need a varsity education.”

What Coaches Can Learn From Great Managers: "Breaking All The Rules" In Selecting And Coaching Your Athletes, Kirsten Peterson, Ph.D., USOC Sport Psychologist
An interesting article on how successful coaches maximize the performance of their athletes. Topics include understanding three types of athletes, and three "lessons" for maximizing individual talent.

Out of Bounds: Parents and Players
Out of Bounds: Safety and Health Issues
Out of Bounds: Strength and Conditioning

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