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Tuesday, Mar 26, 2019 
A Kick Return System
Bernie Anderson, Head Coach
An overview of special teams philosophy, NMU’s kick return system, and off-season drills.
Man-to-Man Teaching Progression
Chadd Braine, Def. Coordinator
An overview of defensive back fundamentals with an emphasis on bump and cushion coverage.
Playing on the Offensive Line
Jeff Duvendeck, Off. Coordinator
Covers the characteristics and fundamentals demanded of NMU offensive lineman.
Coaching Running Backs
Eric Duchaj, RB Coach
An Overview of the basic techniques and drills used to develop running backs.
The NMU Outside Linebacker
Matt Bush, OLB Coach
An overview of outside linebacker play, including how to take on blocks, tackle and rush the passer.
NMU Defensive Line Play: A 5-Point Progression
Ethan Jeros, D Line Coach
Covers the five-point progression designed to stop the run and rush the passer.
The Words of a Champion Part I
Tom Wender, Linebackers Coach
MHSFCA Hall of Fame coach discusses building a successful program and how to change a losing attitude.
The Words of a Champion Part II
Tom Wender, Linebackers Coach
MHSFCA Hall of Fame coach discusses responsibility of the head coach and gives advice to young coaches.
Turning Adversity Into Opportunity
Bernie Anderson, Head Coach
Coach Anderson discusses how to turn adversity into opportunity, and the three questions that are the foundation of the NMU program.
Coaching Quarterbacks
Dan Mettlach, Quarterbacks Coach
An Overview of the basic techniques and drills used to develop quarterbacks.
Linebacker Drops in the Traditional 3-Deep Zone
Chadd Braine, Def. Coordinator
An overview of linebacker play in the 3-deep zone including adjustments to one-back sets and trips.
NMU Football Championship Manual: Part I
NMU Football Staff
Provides guidelines for success on and off the field. Covers Academics, Body Maintenance and Character/Attitude.
NMU Football Championship Manual: Part II
NMU Football Staff
Provides guidelines for success on and off the field. Covers Speed/Strength/Football Skills and Knowledge of the Game.
The Equipment Manager
John Tessaro, Equip. Manager
How the role of the equipment manager has changed, and how it impacts the team.
Coach/Athletic Trainer Relationship
Kris Rowe, ATC
Discusses the dynamics of the coach/athletic trainer relationship.
Kris Rowe, ATC
Discusses the importance of hydration and important strategies regarding proper hydration.
Updated: Jul 02, 2010, 2:35 PM ET

CLN Newsletter May 2010
Coaches Learning Network

Coaches Learning Network Update:
- Coach’s grandson battling cancer
- New Feature: Option Central article for CLN members
- Blitz Engage and Peel Concepts
- Out of Bounds: U.S. Air Force Academy Exercise Demonstration Videos
- CLN Featured on CompuSportsRadio.com

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Many coaches throughout the Mid-West know Herb Grenke, who coached for over 30 years at Northern Michigan University. He was part of the Division II national championship staff in 1975, and then became the head coach of NMU during the 1980s.

I had the opportunity to coach with Herb during the 1990s and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him as a coach and as a person.

Right now his family needs our prayers. Recently his five-year old grandson, Everest Grenke Leach was diagnosed with stage 4, high-risk neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer of the peripheral nervous system. Since then he has gone through chemotherapy, stem cell harvesting, a blood transfusion, and surgery.

He still has to go through many more months of high-dose chemotherapy, stem cell rescue, radiation therapy, and likely immunotherapy and maintenance therapy.

As a father of two young sons, I can’t even imagine what this beautiful little boy and his family are going through. I am asking that you send your prayers to Everest and his family if you could. If you are interested in doing more, you can visit Everest’s website at EverestLeachFund.com.

Through the website we can help Everest’s family with the medical expenses, travel and housing costs they have incurred over the past few months. Even if all you can do is to offer words of encouragement through the website, it will make a difference.

Article: Option Plus Jet Equals Success!
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Starting in May, Option Central will be providing a monthly feature exclusively for Coaches Learning Network members through the 2010 football season. Option Central features several articles written by coaches around the country specializing in the option game.

The first Option Central article being shared with CLN members is Option Plus Jet Equals Success! by Mike Ervin, head coach of Calistoga (Calif.) H.S.

In his article coach Ervin writes:

“Football offenses are evolving so quickly that you can hardly keep up with all the new schemes. We have been in the Shotgun for two years now and we are always trying to come up with something new that will catch our opponents off guard.

"We are adding Jet motion with the ability to run the inside veer, the zone, zone option and the Jet itself. We are able to also hit the tight end pop pass off the inside veer and zone actions.”

Coach Ervin is one of those anonymous coaches in every school in America who makes a difference in the lives of the young people. To read a great article about coach Ervin and the Calistoga football program use this Santa Monica Press Democrat link: In Calistoga, they're there because coach Ervin cares

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In his article Blitz Engage and Peel Concepts, CLN consultant John Anderson discusses a couple of concepts that allows the defense to be proactive instead of reactive against passing offenses at all levels of football.

In his article, Anderson writes:

“The Blitz Engage concept is one utilized within man coverage. It is disguised as a blitz rush into the pass protection, and is designed to swallow up the possibility of any "leakage" by attacking any releasing backs out of the backfield.

“The Peel concept is utilized in zone coverage (either landmark zone drops or in pattern reading). The Peel concept is generally used in our nickel or dime zone schemes.”

Overall, coach Anderson discusses in detail the Blitz Engage and Peel concepts, how to incorporate the schemes, and important adjustments to offensive adjustments.

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Out of Bounds features links to internet resources "outside" of the Coaches Learning Network that may be helpful and/or insightful for football coaches.

Out of Bounds topics include reducing injuries, athlete safety, coaching psychology, strength and conditioning, etc.

Here is the latest Out of Bounds link:

Exercise Demonstration Videos, U.S. Air Force Academy
An outstanding resource for coaches and athletes. It features over 100 videos demonstrating warm-up, dynamic flexibility, plyometric, barbell, dumbbell, trunk, manual resistance, Rotator-Scapular, and neck exercises. The site also includes a brief video overview of the Air Force Academy strength and conditioning program.

CLN FEATURED ON CompuSportsRadio.Com
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The CLN was recently featured in a couple of “Coach’s Corner” interviews on www.CompuSportsRadio.com. Coach's Corner is a 30-minute radio show that features a wide range of guests discussing “X’s and O’s” and coaching trends.

Go to CompuSportsRadio.Podomatic.com for free, on-demand podcasts that feature interviews with coaches on such topics as defensive line play, the option game, eight-man front philosophy, defending the option, etc. To go right to the podcast interviews at compusportsradio.podomatic.com.

The CompuSports Radio Network broadcasts a variety of programs for the coaching community on a range of coaching and technology topics. It is an example of how to take advantage of the exciting technology that is now available for coaches of all levels around the country, and around the world.

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Professional development is now available for your whole staff at great discount rates.

The Coaches Learning Network is offering discounts for multiple memberships for school coaching staffs and for youth leagues.

For more information on how to get a staff or league discount, contact us at Coach@CoachesLearningNetwork.com.

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The Coaches Learning Network is grateful for all coaches who have submitted material and each has received a free one-year membership. If you are interested in sharing an article or other resources with  CLN Members, you will also receive a FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP if we publish your material.

To submit articles, PowerPoint Presentations, drills, videos, forms, etc., you can contact us at Coach@CoachesLearningNetwork.com.

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We are very proud and excited that we were recently named an “Official Online Coaching Resource for Pop Warner Football.”

Pop Warner Football recognizes CLN resources as valuable tools for its coaches, parents and players. If anyone has material they want to share with youth coaches around the country you are welcome to do so.

In fact, anyone who contributes material specifically designed to benefit youth coaches that is used by the CLN will receive a FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP!

Since the start of the CLN it has been our goal to develop a resource that benefited ALL COACHES at all LEVELS because all coaches want to learn and grow, and all coaches have knowledge and experience to share.

We are excited that we can now extend that opportunity to Pop Warner coaches everywhere, and if you have a youth football program in your community, please feel free to let coaches and parents know of this resource as well.

To submit articles, PowerPoint Presentations, drills, videos, forms, etc., you can contact us at Coach@CoachesLearningNetwork.com.

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We hope you enjoy coach Anderson’s article on the “Blitz Engage and Peel Concepts”, the new Option Central benefit for CLN members, and coach Ervin’s article “Option Plus Jet Equals Success!

In addition, we ask that you remember little Everest Grenke Leach in your prayers, and finally, we thank you for your support of the Coaches Learning Network.


Coach Walker

The “Winning Edge.”

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