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Monday, Nov 11, 2019 
A Kick Return System
Bernie Anderson, Head Coach
An overview of special teams philosophy, NMU’s kick return system, and off-season drills.
Man-to-Man Teaching Progression
Chadd Braine, Def. Coordinator
An overview of defensive back fundamentals with an emphasis on bump and cushion coverage.
Playing on the Offensive Line
Jeff Duvendeck, Off. Coordinator
Covers the characteristics and fundamentals demanded of NMU offensive lineman.
Coaching Running Backs
Eric Duchaj, RB Coach
An Overview of the basic techniques and drills used to develop running backs.
The NMU Outside Linebacker
Matt Bush, OLB Coach
An overview of outside linebacker play, including how to take on blocks, tackle and rush the passer.
NMU Defensive Line Play: A 5-Point Progression
Ethan Jeros, D Line Coach
Covers the five-point progression designed to stop the run and rush the passer.
The Words of a Champion Part I
Tom Wender, Linebackers Coach
MHSFCA Hall of Fame coach discusses building a successful program and how to change a losing attitude.
The Words of a Champion Part II
Tom Wender, Linebackers Coach
MHSFCA Hall of Fame coach discusses responsibility of the head coach and gives advice to young coaches.
Turning Adversity Into Opportunity
Bernie Anderson, Head Coach
Coach Anderson discusses how to turn adversity into opportunity, and the three questions that are the foundation of the NMU program.
Coaching Quarterbacks
Dan Mettlach, Quarterbacks Coach
An Overview of the basic techniques and drills used to develop quarterbacks.
Linebacker Drops in the Traditional 3-Deep Zone
Chadd Braine, Def. Coordinator
An overview of linebacker play in the 3-deep zone including adjustments to one-back sets and trips.
NMU Football Championship Manual: Part I
NMU Football Staff
Provides guidelines for success on and off the field. Covers Academics, Body Maintenance and Character/Attitude.
NMU Football Championship Manual: Part II
NMU Football Staff
Provides guidelines for success on and off the field. Covers Speed/Strength/Football Skills and Knowledge of the Game.
The Equipment Manager
John Tessaro, Equip. Manager
How the role of the equipment manager has changed, and how it impacts the team.
Coach/Athletic Trainer Relationship
Kris Rowe, ATC
Discusses the dynamics of the coach/athletic trainer relationship.
Kris Rowe, ATC
Discusses the importance of hydration and important strategies regarding proper hydration.
Updated: Nov 12, 2013, 9:57 PM ET

CLN Newsletter June 2010
Coaches Learning Network

Coaches Learning Network Update:
- A Simple Way to Call a Multiple Formation Offense
- Option Central: Complimentary Plays to the Outside Veer
- Where are they now: Coach Matt LeFleur - Washington Redskins

- Out of Bounds: Wesleyan University Exercise Training Videos



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In the article, A Simple Way To Call A Multiple Formation Offense, a simple question is asked:

“How many times has confusion over formation alignments cost you a big play because you didn’t have enough men on the line of scrimmage, or because a receiver was accidently covered by a teammate, etc.?”

This article is an in-depth presentation on a simple way to communicate your front seven, receivers and backfield. The article also states:

“In almost every game we played last season we ran a two-back set, a one-back set, a spread shotgun; one, two and three tight end formations; one, two, three and four receiver sets, and unbalanced formations.

“This can lead to confusion, and the potential for alignment mistakes. All of us have seen coaches frustrated with a player for lining up wrong, which makes us waste time in practice, or waste timeouts during a game.”

Overall, this article presents a logical system that can be used at any level.

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Option Central is providing a monthly feature exclusively for Coaches Learning Network members through the 2010 football season. Option Central features several articles written by coaches around the country specializing in the option game.

This month’s article is Complimentary Plays to the Outside Veer by Doug Kovacs, Offensive Coordinator for Sisler H.S., in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In his article, coach Covacs writes:
“I have always felt that the outside veer is the most devastating play run at the high school and college level.

“It's ability to pressure the perimeter and make the defense defend sideline to sideline gives you an edge on game day. The outside veer is the best way to press the perimeter using the option concepts of 3-on-2 or 2-on-1.”

That’s why he presents several complimentary run and pass plays to take advantage of what defenses are doing to stop the Outside Veer.

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We have always been impressed with the level of coaches that have contributed to the Coaches Learning Network.

Some of today's top high school and college coaches have shared strategies, techniques, fundamentals and philosophies with CLN Members.

Fortunately, not just the CLN has recognized the ability of these coaches. That’s why we are adding the feature “Where are they now?” to highlight the personal success of CLN contributors.

Our initial installment features Washington Redskins quarterback coach Matt LeFleur.

In 2007, as offensive coordinator for Ashland University, LeFleur contributed a three-part series on playing quarterback:

Playing Quarterback: Part I - Pride, Preparation, Persistence
Playing Quarterback: Part II: Playing the Game
Playing Quarterback: Part III: Fundamentals

In 2008, he was hired by the Houston Texans to assist with the wide receivers - including Andre Johnson, who led the NFL with 115 catches and 1,575 yards.

In 2009, he assisted with quarterbacks, and Matt Schaub led the NFL with 4,770 passing yards and 396 completions, and finished with 29 touchdowns and a 98.6 passer rating.

Then in 2010, new Redskins coach Mike Shanahan hired LeFleur as his quarterbacks coach.

Coach Matt LeFleur - Washington Redskins

On a personal note, working with coach LeFleur was an enjoyable experience. He was very helpful and enthusiastic about working with the CLN. He is first class as a person and as a coach, and the opportunity to coach with the Redskins couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

On behalf of the Coaches Learning Network and its Members, congratulations to coach LeFleur. Thank you for being a CLN contributor and good luck this season.

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Out of Bounds features links to internet resources "outside" of the Coaches Learning Network that may be helpful and/or insightful for football coaches.

Out of Bounds topics include reducing injuries, athlete safety, coaching psychology, strength and conditioning, etc.

Here is the latest Out of Bounds link:

Exercise Training Videos, Wesleyan University
Strength coach Drew Black has created an outstanding resource for coaches and athletes. It features over 100 videos with audio descriptions regarding barbells, dumbbells, cable and body weight exercises, stability and medicine ball training, conditioning, speed and agility, flexibility, form running, plyometrics, etc. This site also includes several nutritional information and training plans.

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We are very proud and excited that we were recently named an “Official Online Coaching Resource for Pop Warner Football.”

Pop Warner Football recognizes CLN resources as valuable tools for its coaches, parents and players. If anyone has material they want to share with youth coaches around the country you are welcome to do so.

In fact, anyone who contributes material specifically designed to benefit youth coaches that is used by the CLN will receive a FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP!

Since the start of the CLN it has been our goal to develop a resource that benefited ALL COACHES at all LEVELS because all coaches want to learn and grow, and all coaches have knowledge and experience to share.

We are excited that we can now extend that opportunity to Pop Warner coaches everywhere, and if you have a youth football program in your community, please feel free to let coaches and parents know of this resource as well.

To submit articles, PowerPoint Presentations, drills, videos, forms, etc., you can contact us at Coach@CoachesLearningNetwork.com.

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We hope you enjoy the articles A Simple Way To Call A Multiple Formation Offense, and Complimentary Plays to the Outside Veer by coach Kovacs, courtesy of Option Central”.

In addition, we ask that you remember Grant Henriksen and his family in your prayers, and finally, we thank you for your support of the Coaches Learning Network.

Coach Walker

The “Winning Edge.”

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