Linebacker Play:

Lead or Get Out of the Way

Jovan Dewitt

Defensive Coordinator, St. Norbert College
SNC Team Clinic


I start by stating my deepest appreciation to Coaches Learning Network, St. Norbert College, and all of the coaches that I have had the pleasure of working with and for.

Iíve been very blessed in my playing and coaching career. Iíve had the pleasure of developing relationships with what I consider to be some of the best teachers of the game.

Iím excited about the chance to emulate some of these coaches with the contribution of this article.


It is a fundamental principle of coaches all over the country, no matter the level or experience, to share ideas and concepts as well as teaching methods.

It is in the spirit of this principle that I write this article on the manner in which we coach linebackers at St. Norbert College.

I in no way shape or form claim to be an expert on coaching linebackers. What I do and believe in has been shaped by the coaches that have coached me or with me including Jim Driscoll, Tim Driscoll, Greg Pscodna, and Herb Grenke to name a few.



I donít want to waste time on talking about physical attributes of linebackers. We all have our own beliefs in how tall a backer needs to be or how fast.

Some of those are necessitated by the scheme we run. I want to talk more about the makeup of the person that is going to play the position. At St. Norbert we look for certain qualities in a linebacker. ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.