The Words of a Champion:
An Interview with Coach Wender Part II

Tom Wender
Linebackers Coach, Northern Michigan University
NMU Team Clinic

In Part I of coach Wender's interview he discussed what he looked for in an assistant coach, how to build a successful program, how to change a losing attitude, and what it was like to coach in one of the biggest rivalries in the state.

In Part II he talks about offensive and defensive philosophy, the responsibility of the head coach, working with parents, coaching his own sons, and gives advice to young coaches.

CLN: What was your philosophy on offense?
TW: I want to be able to run the ball first. That is the biggest thing. If we could run the football and control the clock, and play good defense, I thought we were going to be a good football team.

You have to have a passing game. You canít just have a good running game. You have to be able to pass enough to keep teams honest. I was fortunate enough to have some good skill kids to do that. ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.