Teaching Routes: Tight Ends
Dan Spanish
Tight Ends Coach/California University of Pennsylvania
CUP Team Clinic

When we are looking for a tight end for our offense we want a player who is athletic enough to attack coverages both vertically and horizontally.

We like to use the tight end against the linebackers by running routes across the formation horizontally, or by sitting down in areas between the backers. Most of their receptions will happen when they are attacking linebacker coverages.

The tight end is also an integral part of attacking the flats in combinations with our wide receivers and in our vertical game with Post, Corner, and Go routes.

Here are the tight end routes with key coaching points:

Flat: Use an outside release down the line of scrimmage. The ball should be caught on the 4th step, stretch the defense horizontally. Keep thumbs together, and the ball should be stuck in the receiverís ear. Turn upfield after the catch. ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.